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With all his experience, Dr Levine has grown into a very effective and knowledgeable doctor. He has learned that each patient is truly unique. His training and experience enable him to connect with each patient as an individual and help them pull out of a painful and difficult physical situation to be more able to live a healthy and freer life. People love to come see him because he cares!

Chiropractor Jeff Levine D.C.

At the age of 25 and in great health, the young Mr. Levine found himself in a Chiropractor’s office with his neck painfully stuck to the side. Feeling like he was an 80 year old man, he gladly welcomed a new solution. Instantly, he could move his neck again. Recognizing this true science which achieved real results, he decided in that moment to switch careers and immediately he prepared for Chiropractic college.

Working day and night on this exciting new craft, he was able to graduate from Palmer College of Chiropractic West almost a year ahead of schedule. In his advanced studies, he found his lifelong passion for his own good health and well-being come together.

He developed a thriving practice in Santa Cruz and successfully practiced there for over 20 years. His patients ranged from UCSC students to surfers and agricultural field workers.

In 2007, he sold his practice to move “over the hill” to support his family in their goals and endeavors in San Jose. Using all his know-how, he quickly started a brand new practice in the present location. Dr. Levine was struck with the cultural diversity of Silicon Valley. He was impressed by the hard working clientele who were literally changing the face of the planet with their high tech jobs.

Dr. Levine uses traditional as well as non-force techniques with an emphasis on providing patient-specific care. Over the years, he has studied many health-related fields such as nutrition, Standard Process supplement programs, exercise therapy, X-ray technique and muscle testing. Many of his patients come from miles away because he is truly one of the best adjusters around. He has a remarkable ability to determine the exact cause of structural, muscular, nerve or nutrition problems. His treatments are very thorough, combining various therapies to bring mobility, pain relief and relaxation prior to the adjustment. Individual exercise programs are used to improve healing and stabilize the body. With respect to post-accident treatment, Dr. Levine is dedicated to doing the utmost to restore optimal function to all damaged areas. He and his staff pay close attention to making the office a safe and friendly place to be.

Art - Chiropractic Assistant

I assist Dr. Levine in the treatment area by preparing patients for their adjustment. It's amazing seeing patients get better with each visit and knowing I helped improve their health and quality of life.

I moved to the Bay Area from Arizona to pursue a career in Chiropractic! I have received regular Chiropractic care since high school and it has helped with recovery, injury prevention, and sports performance. I play basketball in my free time and I also dance as a hobby (breaking).

Leslie - Office Manager

I have been a fan of chiropractic since I was quite young. The staff here is great, and Dr. Levine is the best adjuster around!

I like learning new things and tagging along on walks with my dog.

Angie - Patient Coordinator

Angie is our Patient Coordinator.

She is a trained health professional who is here to help manage your health care, help educate you about your health conditions and help develop a plan to address your personal health care needs

Diana - Receptionist

Diana is our receptionist and is here to greet you with a smile and help you to schedule your appointments, and maintain your records and your accounts.

Health comes from your body working correctly. Not just getting rid of symptoms. Symptoms are what happens when your body doesn't work right. Medical doctors try to get rid of pain and disease. We work to get the joints of the body moving smoothly so they are pain free and this allows you to perform at your best!

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