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Muscles get chronically tight when overused. By stretching the muscles, massage allows them to loosen up and break the habit of being chronically tight.

There are many different kinds of massage--all designed to help your muscles function as they should. Techniques include stretching, tapping, kneading, or squeezing.

Once muscles are relaxed, circulation and well being are restored.


Muscles throughout the front of our chest as well as on our back play a large role in the breathing process. They relax and contract throughout the respiratory cycle, allowing us to inhale and exhale. When these muscles become tight due to stress and a variety of other causes, the respiratory cycle is shortened, resulting in quick, shallow, and more difficult breathing.

Research has shown that massage therapy can be one of the most effective tools for improving breathing and other respiratory problems. Massaging the muscles involved in the breathing process can break up adhesions (fibrous bands that form between tissues and organs) and reduce built-up tension, allowing the body to shift from a state of stress to relaxation. Simultaneously, the lungs are able to expand to their normal volume, restoring regular breathing.


With high levels of stress and prolonged sitting (common to life in San Jose and Silicon Valley today), muscles tighten and cause postural abnormalities. People typically slouch in their chairs, roll their shoulders forward, and lean their heads forward--none of which does a body good. Massage therapy has been shown to be instrumental in improving posture.

Receiving regular therapeutic massages not only reduces stress and anxiety while improving breathing, but also leads to an overall higher quality of life in general.  Following even a single hour massage, people have reported decreased levels of depression, improved concentration, and a higher quality of sleep.  While the list of benefits continues, it is important for you to schedule a consultation to see how massage therapy can benefit your life.  As with most treatments, the sooner the problem is addressed, the less likely it will become a long lasting, painful, and debilitating condition.

Let our massage therapists at Stevens Creek Chiropractic in San Jose help you relax, de-stress, breathe deeper and walk taller.

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