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"We had an excellent experience with the chiropractic care! My newborn was experiencing some discomfort in the way of spitting up more often, and also seemed to be uncomfortable and not able to fall asleep easily. Her doctor said, 'You know babies are just like that,' but this is my third, and I hadn't had that experience yet. So we decided to try chiropractic since her birth was a little tough. She was born sunny side up, also known as back labor.

"Anyways her adjustment was virtually painless, she didn't cry at all. And after her adjustment, she slept for 12 hours. I would say the discomfort has lessened by at least 50%, and she falls asleep much easier. Right away my husband and I both noticed that she was able to turn her head better, so we were extremely happy with how that went. I've come back another time since just to stay on the right track.

"I'm so happy a friend recommended your firm to me. Thanks again for your care!"

- G.N.H.

MJW"We came in for our ongoing "maintenance" adjustments. Richard had suddenly lost his hearing in his "good" right ear and earwax softening followed by both me and a general care doctor at Kaiser did not restore his hearing.

"When we arrived, Richard could hardly hear at all. If I yelled into "that" ear, he understood some.

"After our adjustments, we went for ice cream. When he got into the car, the radio was playing a a low volume. As we proceeded, he said, "I can hear the radio." That evening he accompanied me to our weekly square dancing, for the first time in weeks, and danced with little trouble."

- M.J.W.

"Such a great experience I encountered after your Chiropractic service, I was able to breathe a lot better and get better sleep, such freedom in my range of motion I have in my back now. Thanks for your awesome services Dr. Levine."

- C.W.

I Feel Much More Stable & Strong

Chiropractic San Jose CA L.S. Patient Testimonial"Not only has Dr. Levine been helping me feel better by relieving my symptoms, he is also working with me to discover and correct the underlying cause so that I actually get healthier--instead of just temporarily pain free! Also, I love the exercises he's given me to do at home, so I can continue to improve in between treatments. When I first came in, I had back and neck pain, and an upset tummy way too often. And now, I feel much more stable and strong."

- L.S.


I Feel Much More Relaxed & Stress Free

Chiropractic San Jose CA J.I. Patient Testimonial"When I first came in, I was feeling stiff, tensed, stressed, and now I feel much more relaxed and stress free. The treatment not only helped my back, but also my overall well-being. What I like best about Stevens Creek Chiropractic is the thorough treatment and friendly environment. I am always looking forward to my next visit. Dr. Levine is very knowledgeable. I’ll ask him health questions aside from just my back, and he always gives a detailed answer."

- J.I.


I Have 100% Faith In Dr. Jeff Levine

Chiropractic San Jose CA Nancy Patient Testimonial"My first experience with a chiropractor was with Dr. John Spencer at Palmer College of Chiropractic--and he was great. I went to a couple of other chiropractors, but when Dr. Levine took over at Stevens Creek Chiropractic, I discovered him to be the best chiropractor ever because he deals with the entire body. He adjusted everything from my neck to my ankles! Dr. Levine brought in a lot of machines for stretching and relaxing, and I am using one to help strengthen my muscles after my recent knee surgery. Today's treatment might be the best ever! I've had a knot from behind my ear all the way down to my shoulder. And, while I wouldn't describe the adjustment of my taut neck as especially comfortable, the relief is fantastic--and I can turn my head much farther now! I have found Dr. Levine to be honest and true. He answers every question in a straightforward manner. He is a good person and a good doctor. And, after all these years, I consider him my friend. In my experience, if you don't have faith in your doctor, the treatment won't work. I have 100% faith in Dr. Jeff Levine--which is why I now drive all the way from Gilroy to see him for treatment--and brag about him to my friends."

- Nancy P.

I Feel Much Better, Much Healthier!

"I would like to share my wins since coming to Dr. Levine's chiropractic office. I feel much better, MUCH Healthier, and I fully intend to come as needed for adjustments and therapeutic massages to maintain my health! It Works!"

- L.C.

I Am Now Pain Free

"I had always been nervous about seeking chiropractic services, but heard good things about Dr. Levine and decided to go when I experienced pain in my lower back. He worked his magic and I am now pain free, feel much more relaxed and look forward to my visits! The best part are the massages and I love Dr. Levine's calm and easygoing manner."

- S.K.

I Was Lucky Enough To Have Landed In The Care Of Dr. Levine

"Oh wow! When I was searching for a new chiropractor I was looking for convenience, availability and skill and found all of these with Dr. Levine. I have had some experience with chiropractic thru the years as an ex-dancer and athlete with some residual injuries and am thrilled that I was lucky enough to have landed in the care of such a knowledgeable practitioner. I have an erratic schedule and always am able to call on short notice to be seen and relieved of pain.

My husband and I are very pleased with Dr. Levine and recommend him frequently."

- D.G.


"Always has been leaving rejuvenated and offers simple exercises to prevent nagging aches from recurring."

- D.H.

A Treatment Plan That Is Actually Working

"It has been months since the last time I complained about the initial pain in my back from my car accident many years ago. I actually went in one Saturday on a whim after accidentally tweaking a nerve or muscle in my back. I appreciate Dr. Levine's thorough explanations about adjustments and treatments as they are happening. For the first time, I actually look forward to my chiro visits each week. What once was simply an adjustment has now become a treatment plan that is actually working."

- A.C.

Beyond What A Normal Chiropractor Does

"I have been seeing Dr. Jeff Levine for several years now and he has done a wonderful job of helping me. I have thyroid and adrenal issues and he has helped me to alleviate a lot of discomfort as a result of his treatments.

I have to say he delivers above and beyond what the normal chiropractor does. His office has several machines you lay on to relax and loosen up when you first come in, then he or his assistant does an incredible job of massaging your back to even further loosen up and relax your muscles before the adjustment.

Jeff is knowledgeable in Reflexology and has been instrumental in helping me locate the perfect supplements to help aid and balance my body.

His staff is very friendly and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to others."

- L.G.

He Is Kind, Considerate, & Compassionate

"Dr. Levine is exceptional. He is kind, considerate, and compassionate. He also has a great, sophisticated wit that always makes me laugh.

More than a year ago I underwent cervical spine surgery, and was in rehabilitation with a physical therapist recommended by my surgeon. Unfortunately, I felt worse with every treatment. I began to see Dr. Levine, and he has made a huge difference in restoring me to where I want to be.

His office is very professional. I have only ever had to wait for my appointment once. He is also very flexible in scheduling and rescheduling appointments. You always feel welcome. Dr. Levine has my highest recommendation - you will not be disappointed!"

- T.S.

Within 2 Days, I Was 100% Better

"I hurt my lower back one week before going on vacation. With the inability to lay, bend or do normal daily tasks. I never saw a chiropractor before, but I knew this was something a physician couldn't fix, so I called him up.

He saw me immediately and began working on me. I can say within 2 days, I was 100% better than the day of my injury and about 80% on my way back to full recovery. I then had a random shoulder issue that put me into tears and again saw me immediately and made it feel so much better! I totally recommend Dr. Jeff Levine and his staff! He's great, kind and professional! If you are looking for a person to make you feel better."

- C.M.

Dr. Levine's Adjustments Make My Headaches Bearable

"I was having horrible PMS symptoms, low back pain before, during, and after menses, no energy, and headaches. I was previously treated at Kaiser. They did exploratory surgery and said there was no physical reason for my pain; they said I should take anti-depressants. I know my problem wasn’t in my head so I went to Stevens Creek Chiropractic Center. Dr. Levine’s adjustments helped my headaches and make “that time of the month” bearable."

- C.E.C.

Better Health With Stevens Creek Chiropractic

"Our whole family has been coming to Stevens Creek Chiropractic for the last three years. Dr. Levine has helped my wife find relief from her migraine headaches and helped my mother with her back problems, in just three visits! One of our twins was pigeon-toed, but after two visits is doing better. Stevens Creek Chiropractic Center has allowed our family to maintain better health and be more flexible, all with Chiropractic Care."

- R.G.

No Doctor Has Helped Me As Much As Dr. Levine

"Dr. Levine is a wonderful Chiropractor. I have never felt better. I have been going to chiropractors for years and no doctor has helped me as much as Dr. Levine has. I used to drive all the way to Santa Cruz to get treated by him and I am so excited he is close to me now in San Jose. He really cares--and, not only that, is a phenomenal chiropractor!"

- K.M.

It's Welcoming, Friendly Environment

"When I first came in, I was feeling very tense and tight, and now I feel lighter, looser, very poised and upright. What I like best about Stevens Creek Chiropractic is it’s welcoming, friendly environment; also the employees’ expertise and adaptability to its clients."

- M.B.

Dr. Levine Exceeds Expectations

"When I first came in, I was feeling very uneasy, unbalanced. And now, I feel much better. I stand up straight. I can bend and stretch very well. Dr. Levine and his team are awesome--great teamwork! Dr. Levine exceeds expectations. He knows what he is doing."

- A.K.

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